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Wednesday, January 13, 2016

Introducing Willard and his dragon friends!

I'm very excited to reveal the cover of a long-awaited friend of mine, Willard the Dragon. Willard and his dragon friends will be starring in their very own series, published by 4RV Publishing. SNEEZE-FIRE is a hardcover picture book especially for preschool through 2nd graders. In the story, Willard has a very bad cold. Can he help it if his sneezes blast fire? Willard's bad cold does not mix well with a snow day playing with friends. Uh-oh, better watch out!

$14.99 including shipping                   ISBN: 13-978-1-940310-38-1

Retail Price from Amazon and other online sources will be $20.99, but good news! The 4RV price $14.99 for this beautifully illustrated hardcover picture book will continue for orders directly from the publisher through the links above.  Bulk orders through 4RV may be given special discounts. 

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The next book in the Willard the Dragon Series coming Fall 2016

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