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Wednesday, July 22, 2015

Introducing New Friends!

Did I mention they are headless?
Now that The Lost Crown of Apollo is being whisked through printers in the UK, I am so thrilled to share this Greek island adventure with you!

When you embark on this fictitious journey with the Tantalos family, you will meet real headless statues like your new friends here. You'll also become fast friends with the Mykonos mascot--a pelican named Petros--and a couple of wonderful lizards nicknamed Highway and Sunny.

These creatures help our hero, Elias Tantalos, discover the many wonders of Greek islands, its food, fishermen, mythology, antiquities and ancient pirates. Your new friends also help him gain a new perspective on his troubles and get him through his new ones. When you are a bad luck magnet like Elias, trouble is always lurking around the next headless statue.

Will the sun god Apollo's Crown of Victory be enough to ward off his bad luck magnetism when he and his sister, Lily, get too close to some modern pirates?

The Lost Crown of Apollo is hurrying its way to cyberspace bookstores and to my local bookstores signings in CT, OH and NY. Here's the schedule:

Sunday, Aug. 2 Mystic, CT 1-3PM Bank Square Books
Friday, Aug. 7 Hudson, OH 1-3PM The Learned Owl
Tuesday, Aug. 11, Lakewood, NY 1-3PM Off the Beaten Path Bks

Monday, July 6, 2015

Greece is weighing heavily on my mind this week. Family over there will continue to struggle in these very difficult economic times, and these picture-perfect island streets may be uncomfortably empty during the summer tourist season, which will add to the miserable economic situation.

If it isn't a good time to go there physically, you may travel to Greece in your mind! Experience the adventure, sights, good food and unbelievable beauty of land and sea in my debut novel, The Lost Crown of Apollo. For kids ages 7-12.

By this week's end, I'm thrilled to be able to reveal the amazing, fun cover art of my novel set on the fabled islands of Mykonos and Delos.

The Lost Crown of Apollo is a boating adventure for kids ages 7-12, Climb aboard! This debut novel will be available at all the usual online locations and through Sunpenny Publishing group. Check out their blog at

Monday, February 2, 2015

Willard the Dragon

Just like other dragons his age, Willard likes playing with friends and eating hot pepper jelly on firecrackers. Most of all, Willard likes a day of fun outside in the icy snow.

One winter day, Willard wakes up with a bad cold. Ah-ah-ah-chooo! He decides to go play with his friends instead of staying inside his snug Dragon Cave with Mother Dragon's special hot pepper-minted cocoa.


Ah-ah-ah-chooo! Willard's fun snow day melts into disaster when he can't control his fiery sneezes. His unhappy friends act colder than ice. Can everyone become friends again?

Sneeze-Fire will be released by 4RV Publishing in 2015

Check out more fun with Willard the Dragon at his very own blog!

Sneeze-Fire will be available for sale at the 4RV Bookstore later this year!