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Thursday, June 2, 2016

Found! Ancient Greek Gold Wreath Crown

Truth can be stranger than fiction sometimes, but the news surprisingly mirrored my fiction this week. The Daily Mail in the UK posted a story about how a gold leaf crown was recently found in England. Take a look at this beautiful object from over 2000 years ago, just like the gold leaf crown in THE LOST CROWN OF APOLLO. Exquisite!

This real McCoy was found in a cardboard box under an old guy's bed, not hidden under a marble bench like the one found by my main character, Elias Tantalos in THE LOST CROWN OF APOLLO. This amazing, very real discovery just a few days ago underscores the character's timeless, human dilemma: What should he do with such a priceless object? Finders, Keepers? Sell it and get rich? Tuck it back where you found it?

Elias feels like a bad luck magnet. Finding such an object was his lucky day--or was it?

  • What would YOU do if you found such an object? 
  • What would it feel like to put a solid gold crown on your head? A king? A Greek god? 
  • Are you going to volunteer to clean under your grandparents' bed?
Here's a link to the full story.

Wednesday, April 6, 2016

SNEEZE-FIRE Dragon book is flying in Bologna, Italy!

Willard the Dragon's first picture book in a new series, SNEEZE-FIRE, is making a big debut in Bologna, Italy this week at the International Children's Book Fair. 

The fantastic, appealing cover artwork by Luisa Gioffre-Suzuki is sure to attract attention. At bookstores, library story times and book signings this winter, kids have enjoyed meeting 
Willard and his friends--and his big, hot fiery sneezes!


The Society of Children's Book Writers and Illustrators gave 
Willard prime spots on their beautiful displays!

A very happy writer, living her dream!

Wednesday, January 13, 2016

Introducing Willard and his dragon friends!

I'm very excited to reveal the cover of a long-awaited friend of mine, Willard the Dragon. Willard and his dragon friends will be starring in their very own series, published by 4RV Publishing. SNEEZE-FIRE is a hardcover picture book especially for preschool through 2nd graders. In the story, Willard has a very bad cold. Can he help it if his sneezes blast fire? Willard's bad cold does not mix well with a snow day playing with friends. Uh-oh, better watch out!

$14.99 including shipping                   ISBN: 13-978-1-940310-38-1

Retail Price from Amazon and other online sources will be $20.99, but good news! The 4RV price $14.99 for this beautifully illustrated hardcover picture book will continue for orders directly from the publisher through the links above.  Bulk orders through 4RV may be given special discounts. 

Schedule your winter story and craft time

The next book in the Willard the Dragon Series coming Fall 2016