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Thursday, September 11, 2014

Speed Up Your Writing

Do not Pass Go, Do not Collect $100

What is the fastest way from Point A to Point C? Generally speaking, a straight line through Point B does the job. Like pawns in a board game, characters move from one point to another around the story—but their writers should be warned. Mobilizing a main character from the breakfast table to school to a post-game pep rally should not, literally, take all day.

Is it part of the game? If not, skip it. I’m a wordy writer. My first drafts are complicated affairs with blow-by-blow action determining what each limb is up to (“with one hand, the protagonist did x but with the other, he did y!) and so on. Boring! It is not necessary (or desirable) to report every turn of the doorknob between Point A and Point C (unless, of course, the knob-turning is a vital part of the suspense you are creating). Learn easy techniques for speeding up your scenes at my publisher's blog today! 4RV Publishing newsletter for writers and artists

Wednesday, May 14, 2014

The Lost Crown of Apollo

Climb aboard for the boating adventure of a lifetime!

A bad luck magnet on both sides of the Atlantic Ocean, Elias Tantalos gets stranded on a ruined Greek island with his kid sister and a sneaky old archaeologist. A (former) soccer star, Elias faces a tough decision when he finds he must give up the golden leaves of Apollo—a crown that promises lucky victories to its owner—as bait. Will it work to save his sister from a band of thieves robbing Greece of its ancient treasures? Or will the Crown of Apollo be lost to the world for another two thousand years?

The Lost Crown of Apollo by Suzanne Cordatos is set in the magical Greek islands and will be sailing your way next March through Sunpenny Publishing of the United Kingdom. Check them out!

Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Little Free Library

That's a GREAT idea . . .

Little Free Library Movement

I stumbled across the Little Free Library Movement when searching online for a simple yet clever (world-changing) idea for my daughter's new club at Bacon Academy, her high school in Colchester, Connecticut. Erica joined a volunteer club this year which helps with local projects and wanted to make a bigger impact. With a friend she initiated a new club called International Causes. Their group aims to raise funds and participate in projects that will help various causes around the world. I am very proud of the hard work Erica is doing!

Started by someone in South Korea, the Little Free Library offers access to books for children and adults living in inner cities, towns, rural and remote locations around the world. The Little Free Library website offers pdf guides to download plans to build an official small take-one/leave-one library of your own. All that is needed is some recycled material, download info to make it "official" with a library steward, and you can register your Little Free Library's Google map online. Give it your own special, creative twist! Little Free Library also accepts donations toward building a library for a place in need in Africa. Check out Little Free Library's map of locations to see if one is near (or needed) near you!

Have you ever come across a Little Free Library?