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Friday, June 4, 2010

Smories contest is on!

I want S'more! That's a common phrase heard around campfires in the summer months. Now, kids can ask for more stories on website.

My story is filmed in a short video at the link below. It is titled "A Secret in My Ball of String" and will be online for the month of June. The story with the most views by the end of the month earns cash!

The little girl reading the story is priceless in her expression and British accent. Just adorable! She breathes life into the story.

Tuesday, May 4, 2010

If you had a magic kite that could fly you anywhere, where would it take you? My story, The Secret in My Ball of String, takes the reader on a magical journey and will be posted online at beginning June first!

This UK-based website is sponsoring a contest for writers to submit work each month, and selected stories will be read by a child on video and voted on by visitors to the site. (Rights for the stories remain with the authors except for their right to put it on their site.) Cash prizes for the top five popular stories.

Still trying to figure out what the catch is. . . but at least it will get some work out there!

Friday, April 9, 2010

Spring Cleaning

Cleaning up house, manuscripts and blog, giving everything a fresh start.

Contest update: The "Why I Write" essay made it through the contest with a nice rating and a spot in the Smashwords e-book, whenever that decides to be made available on-line. No sign of it yet.

But moving on with the MG novel... After the Bloom mystery novel contest, a couple agents have "waffled" on it and a few others said they didn't "connect". So, the winter months have been spent back on the sunny Greek island of Delos (mentally, anyway) with my main characters. Major re-write of the beginning so hopefully more agents and editors will "waffle" in my favor with the next round of submissions.

Looking forward to the spring SCBWI contest next month!

Saturday, January 16, 2010

Contest updates

Contests are an excellent way to keep new writers on a rollercoaster ride of emotion -- Breath-holding excitement when they reach the highest peak before the gravity of reality sends you shooting back to earth in free-fall. At least I have writing friends to share the ride!

The deadline for "Why I Write" essays was delayed due to their system crashing over Christmas. Now due by the end of Jan. My essay hit the 100 reads mark today! Hoping it gets in the Smashwords anthology.

New Years Resolutions: Email/check out blogs LESS, Exercise MORE, and WRITE FASTER!