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Thursday, April 5, 2012

Bon Voyage!

My high school freshman daughter, Erica, boarded a plane last night for a group trip to Paris and Barcelona. The kids, about 25 of them, were jumping through their skin with excitement. Parents held a mixed bag of emotions, nerves and envy for their weeklong trip to see some of the world's amazing sights. Book: Entre Nous, A Woman's Guide to Finding Her Inner French Girl" by Debra Ollivier To get in the spirit francais, I pulled a book off Erica's shelf that I had found six months ago when she first signed up for the trip. Erica devoured Ollivier's take on French Women's savoir faire faster than a chocolate croissant. I can see why. Like a fine pastry, the book is layered delicately with quotations from famous in-the-know writers, personal anecdotes, movies with characters who personify these ideals, and fun lists of things like "What's in a French Girl's ideal closet?" French women feel comfortable with themselves in ways American women may never achieve. So much fun to read while my budding teenager walks those cobblestones in search of herself.


  1. Hi Suzy: What a great idea to get her a book to prepare for the fabulous trip. How fun to read about the experience!

    I also love the new name of your blog!


  2. Kristi, thanks for the thrill of seeing a number in the comments column! You're such a great motivator and friend.
    Keep writing!